Jutawan Anjing Setinggan - Slumdog Millionaire

Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20million rupees.
How did he do it?

A: He cheated

B: He's lucky
C: He's a genius

D: It is written

This movies scored 8.5/10 in IMDB. Win 8/10 from nomination in Academy Awards.
What more to say?

Dah simpan crite nie begitu lama.Hatta sebelum keluar dlm wayang lagik dah ada dlm hard disk.People say, " save the best for the last". Yerp, it was worth it. Tunggu the right moment to enjoy this movie, and last nite was the nite.

Jamal Malik, Salim Malik, Latika.These "three musketeer" are being told in different mode and genre.A story how people would do everything to change their live and for their love.

Jamal, the younger brother, changed his life by entering contest "Kaun Banega Crorepati - Who wants to be a Millionaire".Every questions thrown to him was everything that his life have thought him in his slumdog's life.

Soklan pertama melibatkan pelakon Amitabh Bachan, dan kerana kesungguhan Jamal untuk mendapatkan autograph pelakon ini tidak dapat disangkal sehingga sanggup masuk ke dalam lubang najis. ~wek~!....Kagum2!
Soklan lain- pi tgk sendirik!

Jamal kecik adalah sgt chumel!!

Byk lagik nak diceritakan, tp cukup la setakt ini.Byk sgt spoiler kang kepada sesiapa yang belum tgk lagik.

owh jawapan td. D: it is written.

I'll give 5/5 for my personal Movie Appreciation vote.

p.s:percubaan pertama menggunakan auto-post.(newbie lagik nie)

Work and Life

What happened last week?
14/4/09 - received email notification regarding Project Task Presentation on 17/04/09 at client side.
15/4/09 - Power Lunch with bosses on what to present during the D-day.Complete the slide presentation on the same day.
16/4/09 - Teh Tarik Session with bosses to finalize the slide and other highlighted
17/4/09 -The D-day.Presentation initially consume 30minutes drag until one hour due to Q&A session running parallel with presentation.

"Grab it, its an opportunity...Just do it...Muka confident, aja2 fighting!" - a great friend of mine told before the presentation started.

"we should take management course instead of engineering"-said my other friends.
"i love prestige, engineering is one, i never regret"-me reply.

Another great new!

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen trailer


Nie baru trailer...belum lagik full crite....
Bergegar jantung.....
Rase boleh tranform jd robot je bile pas tgk trailer....
aihh...lambtnyer Bulan June....

Autobot! transform!

Ha...kasik layan se-pam dua...

Voices in You!

Let's hear it loud, my fren!

Kenny Rogers vs Wendys

5% Goverment Tax, 10% Service Charge..?

Apakah ini?
Masih lagik pening memikirkan kenapa Tax di Kenny Rogers berbeza dengan tax di Wendy's.

Makan kat Kenny Rogers mmg syok dan menyihatkan.Tp bende yang membuatkan mkn kat situ tak sehat adalah tax-nya.

Kat Wendy mmg mengenyangkan dan menyelerakan.Sehat? Ntah!

Kenny roger's
[Half-Chicken, BBq, with 3 side dishes and 1 muffin+ beverages](2 person) + 5% government tax+ 10% service tax = RM49.90


[1/2 Pound Burger + fries + beverages + chilli and cheese baked potato](2 persons) + 5%Government+ 0% service charge = Rm37.70

Your Choice??

New PM of Malaysia

Our NEW Prime Minister will be taking his Oath today at 10am.
Will we see any major changes in our beloved country democracy system?
Will he brings back the glory his father brought yesterday?
Will he regain back people trust to vote for HIS NEW LINES OF MINISTER?
Will he be a good PM?
Will he use his power to make sure our country in peace and democracy?

We aspect too much from him, but he should know that this is not for his personal gain.This is our country that we talk about.

May PEACE and HARMONY be with us, no matter BN or BA or independence.We are MALAYSIAN!!

RAHMAN Theory for Prime Minister is now completed.( is it a myth? or legacy?)

R-Rahman ( Tunku Abd Rahman Putra Al-Haj)
A-Abd Razak (Tun Abdul Razak bin Haji Dato' Hussein Al-Haj)
H-Hussein ONN (Tun Hussein bin Dato' Onn)
M-Mahathir (Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad)
A-Abdullah (Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi )
N-Najib (Dato' Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak)

Will there any more theory after this?

NAJIB theory maybe?


Maybe U will fill in the blank if your initial is in NAJIB theory.hahahah...If so i will the 10th PM. PM Bern.hahahaha...